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Letter to the Editor 6/4/2007

This past Sunday I found myself about town engaged in commerce.  Which, from what I can tell, has unfortunately become the new religion of our society.  At any rate there was an air of something different about town.  And no, I am not referring to all the road construction.  It was something pleasant a breath of fresh air a reprieve from what our culture has become.  It was any number of young women living up to that title, adorned in summer dresses.  No doubt going to or from graduation or the first  barbecues of the year.  Not in any way provocative, simply feminine.  Yes feminine, that fine element of humanity which has been all but smothered in our culture.  Strange enough the group responsible has taken the name ‘feminist’  though they would more rightly be called ‘masculinists.’  Now I, in the spirit of a true feminist would like to thank these young ladies, and perhaps their mothers, for hanging on to a simple timeless idea that men and women should take joy in their God-given sex.