Monthly Archives: November 2016

Little Takers, Big Fakers

It’s sad to watch the freak show develop in our country; political and cultural and moral.  I mean both the macro and micro levels.  On the macro level we have an entire nation which no longer knows what gender is while it demands a female president, not to mention the Trump freak show.  Both supported by millions of clueless (I want to say citizens but I’m not sure we have those anymore.) people.

On the micro level I have watched the Gianforte’s buy Montana since their first arrival in the late 90′s.  He may be the best Montana has to offer but it’s only because our standards are as low as the rest of the country.   He was never held to any account because he had money.  And so everyone from pastors to community leaders gave him the seat of honor.  You know who you are, and you should be ashamed of yourselves.  You sat back or tried to get yours while his march of arrogance went on.  All those little Eichmanns whose self serving action add up to a large disaster, this is why the world is messed up.  I’m not talking about the end of our state or civil war in our streets, but it’s as bad as it can be, and we pushed as far as we could to make it worse.  Jesus the Christ has no place in our culture, in our politics and in our business world.  Just like he has no place in those areas for Gianforte or almost anyone in the churches right here in Bozeman.  Jesus is a little thing we keep under a bushel and let out on Sunday’s for a few hours to bestow legitimacy on the rest of our lives.  He has no place in our public square, and as such we, like all pagans before us, like the snake in the garden, are trying to do it our way.  We know better than God, except that we don’t.  It’s sad to watch the seat of honor being given to a man who worship’s Ayn Rand’s philosophy of extreme, heartless, pragmatic, capitalism.  While Jesus the Christ is kept in a closet. It’s sad to watch him trample over whoever he can to get what he wants all for the almighty dollar and the power it brings, baptized in the language of “Jobs”. Where were you when he was firing the founder of Petra Academy in an illegal board meeting?  I know you were trying to get yours.  Where were you when he was lying to my face and the face of anyone else who get in his way?  I know, putting your hope in men, yourself and Gianforte, maybe even Trump.

“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

Woe to you Grace Bible Church!

Woe to you Bozeman Montana!

Woe to you United States of America!

Hey I know why don’t you go fill out that card to get your share of that frivolous class action lawsuit. Or just go take some government aid, insurance, grants, unemployment, or faux jobs producing nothing but paperwork.  As long as you can feed your family that’s what matters.  And besides, I’m pretty sure we are going to be raptured in a couple of days anyway.  So, who cares?