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Our FlagLet’s think about taking a knee for the national anthem.  So you have a song which helps you honor your flag.  A flag flying over the building of your government and many businesses and homes.  A flag is the colors of your nation, your people.  A sign that this is their territory.  You took some ground at some battle and took down the enemies flag and planted your own flag.

Apparently for those programmed(I almost said brainwashed but that would indicated a coherent thought that had been dislodged and replaced with another thought, this is programming from infancy as oppose to free thinking) by the Post-Christian version of history, our flag is a symbol of oppression.  This is just wrong, we have done the most to remove oppression from our shores and the rest of the world than any on entity ever. And I don’t think that people really believe this anyway.

Think about a ship being taken over by an enemy. Think of your favorite war movie when the US flag is taken down and replaced by whatever flag.  Now think of your local post office or stadium.  What if the flag were to be taken down and replaced by the flag of Mexico?  Something less likely to happen as the result of war than by the active procreating ability of illegal immigrants.  But seriously think about it.  It should send a chill through your spine.  Do you want this to be Mexico?  Or think about the Stars and Stripes being replaced by the Red flag of China or the Black flag of ISIS.  Are these entities all just the same as the Multiculturalist tells us?  Or as some say, that this would really be a change for the better?  Do you want this to be China or the Middle East?  I think most people would have to admit that they don’t, especially the women.  The proof is the simple fact that changing your flag has never been easier, just move.

Some people say that they just want America to be all it can be, that their complaints are to better America.  It seems to me a lot like wanting to take down the US flag and replace it with the flag of Neverland or the flag of some utopia dreamed up by men like Karl Marx or Bernie Sanders.  Because their suggested solutions bear no resemblance to the hard work that went in to getting the world to where it is today. And every time their solutions are implemented millions of people die.  Nazi Germany, Communist Russia, Communist Russia, Banana South America.

But we do seem to be supplanting our flag for some other flags.  Like the rainbow flag.  Again do we really want to live under the anti-family, we-define-ourselve-by-the-unnatural-use-of-sex flag?  By definition that movement bears no fruit. It is a celebration of perversion.  Every statistic in the world shows the destruction to society for those brave enough to see it.  From the unspeakable violent crimes it foments to the confused adopted children.  And of course there is the pedophilia, which no one wants to talk about.

Or from flags of anti-family to the flag of antifa.  A group of spoiled little brats being paid by George Soros to destroy things.  These people who were called Occupy Wall Street yesterday, can’t even maintain basic sanitation in a public park yet they want to rule the world.  Talk about a hate group.  You would sooner flock to the Jolly Roger. Dear snowflake, where is your sustainable Valhalla, that we may all go and thrive?  And the hipster tattoos on your behinds do not count as war wounds.  They would laugh you out of that Odin’s feast, microaggression put to good use

Yes we have our problems but I’ll stick with the Stars and Stripes.  And if anything our goal needs to be to shake the dust off, and restore it’s former glory.  A glory of a nation of abundant Christianity, unparalleled literacy, rampant kindness, staunch self-government, wild ingenuity, and quiet family security, like that which Alexis d’Toqueville described.