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I am reminded of a quote by G. K. Chesterton, “It is the test of a good religion whether you can joke about it.” And so it was often directed towards the Muhammadan, and his culture without jokes or music.   Like all paganisms, there is no humor, life is deadly serious servitude to some pagan deity.  And so with our worship of the victim.

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 10.04.51 AMThe other side of the problem is the hyper individualized post modern.   Everyone has become a minority of one.  ”How dare you judge me unless you walk a mile in my shoes.” It’s the easiest way to win an argument  when you don’t know anything and the only way to relate to other people when you have destroyed any objective standards outside yourself.

It is also a reaction to the hyper collective aspect of modernism.  You it’s Star Trek, and we all have the same outfits and live in the same cubicle.  In contrast today, everyone works a little to hard to be themselves.  And so we see the modern trying to save the world with the one-size-fits-all solution of communism and the post modern trying to save the world by smoking pot and trying to find a unique way to not do things his ancestors have always done.

The problem is that both are inhuman lies.  God is both one and three, false gods are one or the other.  He is diverse and unified.  You can’t have just one side, only diversity or only unity.  It’s not true and it’s not funny.

Chesterton in his parenthesis, which is the source of the above quote, goes on to address these other problems.

“Whatever is cosmic is comic.”  But the problem with our culture is that we don’t allow anything to be cosmic.

“If nobody has any right to judge of Spiritualism except a man who has been to a séance, the results, logically speaking, are rather serious:  it would almost seem as if nobody had any right to judge of Christianity who had not been to the first meeting at Pentecost. Which would be dreadful.”  Minorities of one, ruin everything.

The collective will not save you, even the collective fueled by ‘science’.  But you also can’t be your own messiah.    You need Jesus the Christ.


But you really should just read the entire essay. Or listen.  And then ready everything else he ever wrote.

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