I’m a Unique Individual!

I am starting to experience a new logical fallacy. Who knew? I want to call it the “I’m a Unique Individual” fallacy. It’s really quite common. No mater what arguments you bring up it will never be enough because they think they can undercut it by some nuance of a nuance, that no one has ever though up before, because the world has never see the likes of their modern evolved genius. Or they just try to disassociate themselves from every institution and line of reasoning that has eve existed, simply because it existed, it’s in the past, and now they are so unique and special that you must be wrong.
It also manifests itself as just writing off anything written that wasn’t written just for them. Because they are so unique they deserve a unique discussion. So any generalization or message not catered to them is immediately shot down. Except for the generalization that they are always right.
I think it comes from modern coddling.

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